Photog (Ph)ired Over Prosthetic Penises

KABB (San Antonio) photographer/host, J.T. Street, was canned after some racy video made it to air. Street has a franchise on the Fox station's 9pm newscast, called "Street's Corner". The segment highlighted fun and unique elements of San Antonio.

According to MySA, Street did a piece on the heavy metal band Gwar. Supposedly they're famous for provocative 'acts' on stage. Apparently, the lead singer was wearing a contraption with a couple of prosthetic penises. KABB management decided the penises weren't sufficiently blurred, and fired Street after some video made it to air.

Sinclair group manager John Seabers said he wouldn't comment on personnel issues. Unless, of course, it's a positive story and then they'll do 5-part series on anchor alcohol addiction, cancer treatment, adoption, etc.

What a business.