Cancer Knocks Texas Weatherman off the Air

KRIS Meteorologist Matt Terhune is passionate about the weather. It's hard to predict the future, but that's what made the profession so enjoyable.

"I love being as accurate as I could possibly be," he said. "It's my favorite job."

Terhune, who has been with KRIS 6 since 2001, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2007, undergoing three surgeries and several rounds of chemotherapy. None of that has stopped him from his forecasting duties.

"With every round (of chemotherapy) and every surgery, Matt has come back and come back strong," said Paul Alexander, KRIS 6 news director.

The days of being on air, however, have come to an end for Terhune. The disease has continued to progress, making it difficult for him to stay in front of the camera.

"We wanted to remove that pressure and let him know he has nothing to worry about," Alexander said.

Clinically speaking, Terhune is out of options, but his attitude hasn't changed. 

He said faith and the support of others keep him encouraged. 

"I've been sharing to people about my brain cancer for the past several years because I love their prayers," Terhune said. "I believe in the power of prayer."

Terhune has received thousands of prayers from the community, his wife, Michelle, said.

"People have been sending us cards and we've been on prayer lists in different churches," she said. "It's so great."

Terhune now lives a simple life, spending most of his time at home in Sinton with his wife, Michelle, and two children, and going to church every Sunday. 

"We have a lot of fun," Michelle Terhune said.

Though he's stepped away from the camera, Matt Terhune said he's not leaving his passion.

Terhune continues to post forecasts on his Facebook page, and stops by the station from time to time.

"He still comes in here and works on graphics and things of that nature," Alexander said. "He takes an awful lot of pride in the accuracy of his forecast. It's as big of a deal to him now as it has ever been."

H/T Caller Times