Weather Channel Executive Dead at 47

Weather Channel executive Curt Hecht has died following a battle with lung cancer. He was 47.

Hecht had been fighting the disease for five months, a fact he kept secret from all but a very few close friends, according to a statement from Weather Channel CEO David Kenny. “He did not want a fuss, or pity, or distraction,” Kenny said. “To him, cancer was like a challenging bike ride. He attacked it with grit and determination, and fearlessly agreed to clinical trials so that others could also learn from his fight.” 

Hecht served as chief global revenue officer, a position he’d held since 2012. In that role, he oversaw ad sales for the channel and its digital products, and domestic and international business development.

He also headed up efforts to align the channel’s weather reporting and advertising, allowing advertisers to target ads to customers based on local weather conditions. 

H/T Deadline