Passed Over in St. Louis?

When Sharon Reed left KMOV (FIRST reported by FTVLive) for WGCL in Atlanta, many thought Jasmine Huda would get Reed's old gig in St. Louis.

But, it appears that Huda is being passed over for the job.

No one from station is talking, but word is that before Huda left for vacation (to get married) at the beginning of the month, she was told that she was not getting Reed's job.

Hua returned to the station on Sept 14th, but has not been seen on air since her return and station sources say that her desk is all but cleaned out.

When Reed left for the A-T-L, Huda took over anchoring Reed's old shifts. But now it appears that the station is going with Alissa Reitmeier to replace Reed and Huda is on the outs.

Reitmeier was the morning traffic reporter until about two months ago, when she started taking some evening anchoring shifts.

As we said the station is not talking, because you know... the communications business.

Stay tuned.....

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch