Union Claims 2 Strikers were Hit by Cars Outside Philly Station

The union head of the  Photographers and Technicians on strike against WCAU in Philly is claiming that two picketers were struck by cars being driven by WCAU employees at the picket line outside the station.

Dougherty claims that the first incident occurred on Thursday night and that another picketer was struck earlier on Friday.

"In the past two days at NBC's City Line Avenue headquarters, two Local 98 members were struck by cars being driven by NBC staff members," Local 98 spokesperson Frank Keel told us. "They were NBC vehicles. Both of our members are being medically evaluated right now to determine the extent of their injuries."

Keel says he is unsure if the Lower Merion Township Police Department was involved in either incident and adds that the union intends to go to the United States Attorney and the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office on Today to demand charges.

An WCAU spokesperson said that she was unaware of the allegations but that she would look into it.

"Years ago, Local 98 actually had one of their members on a picket line run over and killed in Lower Merion," emphasizes Keel. "So this is an extremely sensitive subject for John Dougherty and some of the other older members who remember that tragedy all too well."

Keel says that in terms of the labor dispute itself, there has been no movement. "It's just the status quo," he says.

H/T Philly Magazine