NBC's Dateline Takes Swipe at ABC's 20/20

Dateline NBC took to Twitter to take a well deserved shot at their rival, ABC's 20/20.

ABC has been promoting the fact that on 20/20 they will air the "exclusive" deposition tapes from O.J. Simpson that were recorded in late 90's 

"The OJ Simpson tapes, never seen before....," says ABC Anchor George Stephanopoulos as he introduced a preview to the 20/20 story on GMA.

"Forgotten for over two decades, the video tapes of the deposition have been stored under lock and key," says ABC's website. 

But NBC's Dateline took to Twitter to call bullshit on 20/20. Dateline aired the tapes back in 1999 and they tweeted the picture to prove it:

Hey ABC?