Orlando Station's Latest Gimmick to Attract Viewers

FTVLive grew up watching Tom Jolls giving the weather forecast from outside each and everyday on WKBW in Buffalo. It is something the station has been doing for 60+ years. 

Now, one Orlando station thinks that doing the forecast from out is a great "new" gimmick to attract viewers.

WESH says that to differentiate itself from the competition, their meteorologists to deliver forecasts outdoors regularly.

"Weather happens outside, and we're outside," said WESH General Manager Jim Carter.

It's also Florida which means it can be hot as hell and the Summer afternoon thunderstorms could be timed with the evening newscasts.

Do you really want your Weather Anchor standing outside while lightning is flashing all around them? Of course, if the Weather Anchor gets struck by lightning, that could bring a bump in the ratings. 

"Our meteorologists love it. They love being able to stand out here," Carter said.

Chief meteorologist Tony Mainolfi said in an email: "The weather changes so fast in Central Florida. Whether it's afternoon rain, heavy storms or the summer heat, doing weather outdoors shows immediate and real-time conditions. This allows viewers to get a better and more accurate perspective of the weather."

You know, because the viewer can't just look out the window. 

The station claims that they  consulted viewers about delivering the weather outside, Carter said, and they said they would find that very attractive.

The biggest challenge so far? Adjusting the lighting when the sun hits the white fence, Carter said.

Ummmmm....how about painting the fence? 

Just a thought.

H/T Orlando Sentinel