Fox News and Donald Trump are Already Talking....again

If you are on a hunger strike until Donald Trump goes back on Fox News Channel, you might want to make a reservation at the Golden Corral.

Trump is this/close to being back on Fox News.

As expected, Trump can't stay off camera for long, for him it's oxygen. 

Fox News released a statement saying that FNC boss Roger Ailes and Trump are already talking.

The statement reads “Fox News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes and Donald Trump spoke this morning and plan to have a meeting next week to discuss their differences of opinion regarding Fox’s coverage of Mr. Trump’s presidential campaign. Ailes will be joined by senior Fox editorial executives. Mr. Trump believes he has been treated unfairly in certain instances. FOX News has held every candidate in this race to the highest journalistic standards throughout our coverage. We believe a candid meeting about our differences is required and that any misunderstandings can be handled without compromising those standards.” 

So why even meet with him? Just say we are going to cover the news ask the tough questions and if you don't like it.... screw you.

Fox News does not want to appear weak and caving to Trump, but they know his antics bring ratings and it appears that FNC might just need Donald Trump. more than Trump needs Fox News.

This is the second time since Trump announced that he was running that Fox News has released a statement about Ailes and Trump "talking." FNC has yet to release any statement about the Fox News boss "talking" to any other candidates.  

It can be spun anyway you want it, but it appears that in the war between Trump and FNC, this round is going to Trump.