CNN Anchor Gets a Bit Too Excited for the Pope

CNN's Chris Cuomo started acting like a 4th grader when Pope Francis' motorcade drove past the CNN booth.

As the Popemobile drove by, Cuomo started yelling, "POPE FRANCISCO!! POPE FRANCISCO!!"

"What a moment for these people here," Cuomo said after yelling at the Pope. It seems like it might have been a bigger moment for Cuomo.

There's an old rule in TV, never cheer from the press box. Same thing when you are a Reporter covering the Pope.

Did he expect that the Pope was going to slam on the popemobile breaks and get out and start talking to CNN?

Let's go to the video:

Maybe Cuomo should have crashed the gate like this 5 year old girl did? The Pope did stop the motorcade for her and even gave her a hug.