A Different BriWi

Brian Williams made his return to TV news yesterday and he was a different anchor than before his suspension and demotion. 

Williams hit the air at 3PM for MSNBC's Pope Francis coverage and the lying anchorman was much more reserved as he was seen by viewers for the first time in 7 months. 

“And good day, I’m Brian Williams in New York,” he said, opening coverage of the Pope's visit to the US. 

Williams voice seemed to be softer and the moment that you knew that he was a different BriWi was when he threw to a correspondent at Catholic University, where the pope was to celebrate mass. Williams notably passed up on an opportunity to point out that Catholic University was his alma mater. The old Brian Williams would have pointed it out and maybe added a subtle joke about his time there. Especially on MSNBC.

Williams anchoring was solid and he seemed to not miss a beat when it came to doing his job. He seemed to play the news completely straight and not add his little jokes or the antidotes that got him put in time out.

There was one moment that had to Williams know he was no longer the big dog at NBC. 

BriWi tried to throw it to Reporter Anne Thompson, but Thompson was not ready for the hit on MSNBC....she was talking to Lester Holt at the time on NBC.

If BriWi didn't know that Holt is now the big man on the NBC campus, he does now.