The Cable Guy

Today Brian Williams will settle into the anchor chair and start covering the news of the Pope's visit to the United States. 

But, it won't be the anchor chair that he sat in for 10 years, that's now Lester Holt's.

Williams will sit in the studios of MSNBC and instead of being on broadcast TV, he will have to settle for a chair on a struggling cable station that is trying to reinvent itself...again.

After 6 plus months of being benched at NBC for lying to co-workers and viewers, Brian Williams will return.

He is expected to hit the air as "MSNBC's Breaking News Anchor", for the first time a 3PM Today. 

“I believe in second chances,” NBC boss Andy Lack said, “and I believe he can earn the trust of colleagues and viewers if we give him that chance."

Lack added, “From everything I can see and from my own observation over years, viewers are a touch more forgiving than (journalists). They can turn on the TV and come to their own conclusions about Brian.”

Williams is expected to make no mention of his long suspension or bring up the lies he told. 

Some inside MSNBC say that Williams is still walking around like he's the big dog and seems to be showing no remorse what-so-ever. 

In his only public self-reflection, an awkward interview with “Today” show colleague Matt Lauer in June. He acknowledged that he told “stories that were not true,” including the helicopter account, but never really offered up any info and or real apology.  

“It came from a bad place. It came from a sloppy choice of words. ... It got mixed up, it got turned around in my mind.” He told Lauer: “What has happened in the past has been identified and torn apart by me and has been fixed, has been dealt with.”

If viewers wanted a heartfelt "I'm sorry", this was the best they are going to get. 

Andy Lack says that viewers forgive better than the media and there is one person that forgives better than the viewers. 

It's Pope Francis and that is with whom Brian Williams will cover as he tries to resurrect his career.

And it starts Today on MSNBC.