Greta to Trump: Give it a Rest

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren has 4 words for Donald Trump, Give It a Rest!"

Trump appeared on Van Susteren's show at 7PM and the started bashing Fox News just after 8PM.

Greta writes on her blog: Donald — “Give it a rest!” I (Fox News) had just given you a fair, opened ended questions interview at 7pm and minutes later (right after 8pm) you tweet Fox is not fair! I don’t get it! 

This is baffling.   Just minutes before Donald tweets that Fox is not fair, I gave Donald Trump a FAIR interview on FOX NEWS.  This is what I get in return for a fair interview?

It almost certain that Fox News never thought when Donald Trump entered the race back in June, that Fox News would be his main media target. 

Also, Trump seems to have some conservatives turning against FNC.  

One thing for sure, it is very unlikely that Trump will "give it a rest".

Stay tuned....