PBS Anchor Under Fire for 'Take That Bibi' Tweet

The firestorm over PBS and Gwen Ifill who tweeted about the Iran deal today, "Take that, Bibi," (a shot at Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu) may turn into a scorcher.  

Sources at the Newshour tell FTVLive that PBS is now considering a multi-week suspension of Ifill for violating social media policies requiring reporters/talent to show objectivity across all platforms.  

Word is that several of Ifill's colleagues, including co-anchor Judy Woodruff, are said to be "horrified and infuriated" at Ifill's "juvenile and partisan" social media post.  Some colleagues have asked Ifill to apologize... but Ifill has refused.  

On twitter, Ifill maintains she "inadvertently poked the eye of twitter."  She is not taking heat for that tweet as well: