CNN Adding Yet Another Media Reporter

Maybe Brian Selter just can't do his job without a lot of help. Or, maybe CNN wants to have more media Reporters than regular Reporters?

Whatever the case, Politico's Dylan Byers is joining the network as the senior reporter for media and politics. Since Stelter obsesses on Donald Trump and is the senior media Reporter, it seems that Byers will be infringing right on Stelter's turf. 

Maybe Stelter is heading to the Trump beat on a full time basis. 

Speaking of Byers, Stelter says, "Byers is a scoop machine. When I've been offline for more than a few hours, the way I see what I've missed is by checking his Twitter feed. Soon we'll be working together on stories instead of trying to beat each other to them."

Stelter is taking full credit for all the CNN media Reporter hires and growing the team. It appears that Byers is CNN....errrrrr...... Stelter's latest hire. 

You know, if you can't beat them hire them.