Advertisers Pulls Spots from ABC's 'The View'

Things just keep going from bad to worse at ABC's The View."

Two major advertisers pulled their spots from the show after co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy Behar took a shot at nurses. 

The two mocked Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson’s nursing-themed monologue and attire during Sunday’s Miss America pageant.

Johnson, who completed her nursing degree in April, had appeared on stage in a purple nurse’s scrub and stethoscope to deliver an emotional monologue about her chosen profession.

Collins mocked Johnson for making a heartfelt speech about nursing as part of the talent portion of the evening.

“Shockingly (she) did not win,” Collins said sarcastically.

Behar went further.

"Why does she have a doctor's stethoscope on?" Behar asked.

The comments prompted a social media backlash under the hashtag #NursesUnited.

Behar and Collins apologized on Wednesday’s show, but it wasn’t enough to save ads from pharmaceutical giant Johnson and Johnson. 

“Johnson & Johnson values and appreciates nurses and we respect the critical role they play in our health care system,” the company said in a statement Thursday. “We disagree with recent comments on daytime television about the nursing profession and we have paused our advertising accordingly.”

Eggland’s Best also pulled their ads as well.

As for the doctor's stethoscope? It might be needed to see if "the View" has a pulse.

Don't be surprised if this is the last season of the show before ABC finally pulls the plug.

H/T NY Daily News