Hostages Sell Captor's Goodbye Video to LA Stations

A man that was involved in a high-speed chase with police in LA, crashed his car and ran into a restaurant, where he took 4 hostages.

The hostage taker demanded that the hostages record his goodbye message to his kids on their phones. 

A short time later police stormed the restaurant and killed the hostage taker. 

Rather than give the cell video to the family or authorities, some of the hostages decided to profit from the video. They called LA stations and asked for money. They offered it to KCBS/KCAL for $350 dollars, the station passed.

KABC, KTTV and KNBC all appeared to buy the video and interviewed the hostages who were very sympathetic to the gunman.

KABC and KTTV aired the video and stuck to the facts. 

But KNBC seemed to be hell bent on sensationalizing the story. The station took the video to the family and showed it to the suspect's small children. The station said that they had not seen the video before it was shown to them by KNBC. 

They then included sound bites of them crying and talking about dad.

While the station did not show any video of the family watching their dad's last words before he was killed, the move still reeked of sensationalism and of using the grieving family for ratings.

You can watch the story below: