Maybe this is Why It's Called The Boob Tube

There is no doubt that every Journalist remembers where they were on 9/11/01 when our great country came under attack. 

We all remember the events and what took place on that faithful day. Well...almost every Journalist. 

One young Reporter, who was working in Tennessee at the time and now Anchors at a Florida station, has no first hand memories of the grim events, continuous media coverage, etc. 

On the morning of 9/11/01, the Reporter was  under anesthesia while getting an expensive boob job. 

She'd saved her money and scheduled 9/11 as the day to get some new boobs that she would hoped would improve her stock in the industry. 

Every year, as the anniversary date rolls around, this newswomen tries to stay clear of 9/11 conversations on or off air, because she basically lost her memory between the surgery, anesthetics and pills.

In reality, she did nothing wrong ... just experienced the a most bizarre coincidence due to dumb luck and her desire for some of the best breasts in TV news. 

One day the Florida station should have her tell her story. But of course they should wait for a ratings book to do it.

It would defiantly draw viewers in.