CNN Staff Tells Zucker They Are Sick of Trump Coverage

When it comes to news coverage, CNN boss Jeff Zucker is a one trick pony. Find a story and shove it down the viewer's throat 24/7. Think missing plane, Ferguson, Baltimore and Donald Trump.

The CNN staff has grown tried of Zucker's non-stop smotherage and they are starting to speak up. At a CNN staff meeting, a number of staffers pointed out to Zucker that the endless Trump coverage is not the way to do things. 

Zucker responded to the staff's complaints with an answer he has used in the past. "We're not perfect," the CNN boss told the troops. 

Which basically means, we are going to keep covering Donald Trump and ignoring other news and candidates. 

“Jeff is a friend of mine, but if I didn't get ratings, he would not have all Trump all the time,” Trump told the Hollywood Reporter.

Late last week, Trump sent a letter to Zucker, talking about the high rate ads the network is charging for ads during their upcoming Presidential debate. CNN is asking advertisers to pay at least 40 times the going rate to place in ad inside the debate.

In his letter, Trump asked that Zucker donate the profits to veterans groups.

Ummmmm...I think you have a better chance of finding the missing plane Mr. Trump.

Just saying....