We Told You....

Remember back on September 1st, when CNN said they were changing their Presidential debate rules and said that Carly Fiorina might "possibly"  be allowed to join the other top-tier candidates on the stage?

On Sept. 1, FTVLive wrote:

CNN might be saying "possibly", but you can bet your house that Fiorina will be there.

Otherwise, why would CNN want to come off looking like a flip-flopper on their own debate rules?

CNN came up with some mumbo jumbo as to why they are changing the rules just two weeks out from the debate. 

Bottom line, they screwed the pooch and are now trying to get it right without looking like bumbling fools. Although, let's be honest....it might be a bit late for that. 

But you can fully expect that when the debate happens, Carly Fiorina will be there. 

Well guess what?

Fiorina is in the main event and will join 10 other candidates at 8PM on Wednesday.

While the main event will be very crowded with 11 people, the loser deter of the also rans will have only 4. The also rans debate happens qt 6PM and was to feature 5 Candidates, but Rick Perry is dropping out of the race and it leaves only 4.

In other news, Rick Perry was running for President.