Buffalo Station Tries to Revamp Low Rated Morning Newscast

When WKBW in Buffalo hired back Anchor Laura Gray (pictured), station GM Mike Nurse said, ""We saw someone with Laura who has a good news presence, is local and is committed to the market." 

A year after hiring Gray, the station is no longer committed to her.

WKBW is pulling Gray from the morning newscast a year after hiring her back to the station with much fanfare. 

Gray was the co-Anchor of WKBW's very weather heavy morning newscast, that was a complete flop with the viewers.

“We were proud to have had the opportunity to pilot a different type of morning program,” said Nurse. “It became clear that the audience ultimately desired a better balance of news and weather to start their day.”

So the station is trying again and going to do so without Gray.

Nurse confirmed that Katie Morse will replace Gray as the morning anchor on Sept. 21 and Morse's Sunday co-anchor Ed Drantch will become a breaking news reporter on the newscast.

Weatherman Andy Parker will be the solo weather anchor and his former Weather Anchor partner Autumn Lewandowski is  shifting to traffic in the morning.

He added that the time Morse and Drantch have anchored together “has created a genuine chemistry that should resonate with the public.”

And when it doesn't the station will reboot and try again.

H/T Buffalo News