Memphis Anchor to Miss 4 Weeks of Work after Surgery

WATN Joy Lambert has made the decision to have her to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in order to reduce her risk of cancer.

It's the same procedure that Angelina Jolie had done and made headlines with months ago. 

 Both women carry the same BRCA gene mutation, making her more likely to develop cancer.

Lambert decided after having her second son, she is now making the same medical decision as Jolie. At 31 years old, breast cancer survivor and BRCA carrier, Jessi Pruett, decided to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed, "For me and for my family, and my children, I wanted to do everything possible to reduce the risk," Pruett said. 

Pruett says, "Because I've been through what I have I would suggest to anybody that is BRCA positive to seriously take a look at your options."

The surgeries do not remove all risk, BRCA carriers, like Lambert, still remain prone to cancer. She will not be able to have any more children and she will be forced into early menopause.  Pruett told Lambert, "The point is you don't have to do it, but knowing what your family has gone through and their history and knowing that you are BRCA positive coming from a survivor, why wouldn't you?" 

Like Pruett, it's a personal decision, "If you're comfortable with, you've had the children you want to have, why wouldn't you have the surgery?"

Lambert says she has done thorough research and feels this is the best option for her and her family. She will undergo a preventative hysterectomy and her ovaries removed August 5. Doctors expect recovery to last about four weeks. She is expected to return to the station in September.