I Thought he was the Media Correspondent?

CNN Media Reporter Brian "Don't Call me a Critic" Stelter appears to have abandoned his beat and is branching out.

Stelter seems to be wrapped up in politics as much or more than the rest of the lemmings.

On his show 'Reliable Sources', Stelter brings on campaign spokespeople time and time again.

Check out this exchange he had on Sunday's show with Hillary Clinton Spokesperson Jennifer Palmieri:

STELTER: There has been talk for months about maybe, possibly (Joe) Biden entering the race. He has said he'll decide by the end of the summer.  What do you make of this new development, all of this new attention? Will it fundamentally change the race if he does enter the race? 

PALMIERI: I don't know about the—I don't know about new attention. I had imagined that this would be coming, that there would be more discussion about the VP in the news because he said that he would be making his decision relatively soon. I have a great deal of love for Vice President Biden, a lot of respect. So do the Clintons and everyone in the campaign. And we're going to let him make his decision and otherwise stay out of it. 

STELTER: You know this better than anybody. Is it too late for anybody else to enter the race? 

PALMIERI: I don't know. It's pretty—the Democrat side is dynamic. So, it—you know, you have a lot of early states up. I don't know that it's—I'll let them decide that. 

STELTER: So it's not too late, you're saying? You're saying it's not too late?

PALMIERI: Well, I'm saying—I'm saying I'll let the vice president decide if he thinks, if he thinks the timing is right or not.

First of all the election is over a year away, so there is still plenty of time for Biden or anyone else to enter the race. But second of all, what the hell does this have to do with being a media Reporter?

Then he posted this yesterday about an upcoming appearance on CNN: 

So now the media critic is a financial Reporter as well? Yes, a part of Disney's company is media, but still this seems more like a story for the financial Reporter than the media guy. 

Like the rest of CNN, Stelter seems to be fixated on Donald Trump as well. Not a day goes by where Stelter doesn't tweet about Trump numerous times. 

It seems that Stelter has grown bored with the media beat and is now trying to branch out into a bit of everything else. 

Just saying....