MSNBC sent along a press release saying that they are going to do a one hour special on Jon Stewart and The Daily Show.

It will be called, “Jon Stewart Has Left the Building”  and will air at 9PM.

According to the release, "The special includes interviews with Rachel Maddow, host of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” and Reverend Al Sharpton, host of “PoliticsNation,” who offer personal thoughts and reflections on Stewart's career."

Why the hell would anyone really care what Maddow or Sharpton have to say about Jon Stewart? 

Other guests are people on the sidelines as well, including “The Daily Show” co-creator Madeleine Smithberg; former co-executive producer Stewart Bailey; former “The Daily Show” correspondents Frank DeCaro, Beth Littleford and Lauren Weedman; former field producer Nick McKinney and some other people you barely heard of.

Not sure what MSNBC is trying to do, but it sounds like a money grab to us.