Bounced Cleveland News Director Resurfaces in Chicago

FTVLive FIRST told you back in January that WOIO had parted ways with News Director Dan Salamone.

Salamone, who had been at the station nearly 10 years has resurfaced in the Windy City. 

I a couple of weeks, Salamone will be the EP of WFLD's very low rated morning show. 

“Growing the ratings in this time period is a big challenge and very important to the company,” Salamone told friends on Facebook. “I’m ready to dig in and help the entire team produce newscasts that will have the Windy City talking!”

Robert Feder writes that “Good Day Chicago” has had a revolving door of executive producers in recent years. Jennifer Vander Sanden, who held the job until last May, until going into PR. 

Salamone won't be the only manager that worked in Cleveland.  WFLD Assistant News Director Jill Manuel competed against Salamone as news director at WEWS.