Murdered Photographer Honored at Roanoke Church

Adam Ward was remembered at St. Marks United Methodist Church on Sunday.

The week before, Ward and his fiancée, Melissa Ott (who Produced the news at WDBJ) sat in that same church for Sunday service. 

Somber parishioners grieved the murder of Ward this past weekend.

The Rev. Rob Lough comforted around 200 people at the Church about 10 miles outside Roanoke, Va.

“How long must we bear the pain in our souls, the sorrow in our hearts?” the pastor asked. “How long shall our enemies exalt over us? Consider and answer us.”

Some parishioners held each other as church pianist Michele Richardson played “Poor Wayfaring Stranger.”

Ward’s family did not attend the service.

“Darkness can feel so real sometimes,” Lough said.