Alison Parker's Mom: We are No Longer a Civilized Nation

The mother of slain WDBJ Reporter Alison Parker is past her breaking point — and wonders why more Americans aren’t there with her?

“We are no longer a civilized country,” Barbara Parker said. “We are a nation who has politicians who are cowards.” “ ... What kind of a society are we? What does it take? After Sandy Hook, elementary school children were killed. And nobody does anything.

“What does it say about us?”

Andy Parker, who said his daughter’s funeral will be private for family and friends, is just as astounded that more people aren’t stirred by the litany of death and destruction.

“The problem is, it just keeps going,” he said. “We as a society have become so desensitized to it.”

The couple, in a wide-ranging interview, recounted the scene at their suburban house on the morning of the attack.

The television was turned off when the phone started ringing. Nothing was the same once the voice on the other end spoke.

“There’s been a shooting,” said a colleague of their daughter, WDBJ-TV morning show reporter Alison Parker. “We don’t know anything.”

Andy Parker, with a dad’s intuition, felt the bad vibes instantly. He hoped for the best, and braced for the worst.

“Right then and there, I had this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach,” Parker told the Daily News in his Virginia home. “My heart was just sinking. I thought, ‘Maybe she’s just hurt.’”

Andy and Barbara are now bent on making people feel uncomfortable: Gun lobbyists, NRA mouthpieces, gutless elected officials.

Parker is bristling to make changes in state laws, in background checks, in gun-show loopholes and eventually in federal legislation. Alison’s boyfriend, Chris Hurst, who is an anchor at WDBJ, plans to join in the effort.

“I’m trying to get all the groups that are out there, and somehow find a way to galvanize everyone,” said Parker, who knows the task ahead is Herculean.

“I’m so emotionally drained,” he said, breaking down once more. “If anything can come out of this, it’s that this mission will be my life’s work.

“They messed with the wrong family.”

H/T NY Daily News