Remembering Alison and Adam

As a Reporter or Photographer in TV news, you know the job can be dangerous. Many a news crew is sent into war zones, riots and other dangerous situations to bring viewers the story.

WDBJ Photographer Adam Ward and Reporter Alison Parker were sent out to do a live shot at a local plaza. It is likely that danger was the last thing on their minds. It was the same type of fluff live shot you see on morning newscasts all the time.

Little did the two know that some idiot with a gun was looking to shoot them down for no apparent reason.

In San Francisco, stations have to travel to stories with security in tow. For the past couple of years, thugs have been stealing the station's cameras and gear. The last incident was scary when a new crew was pistol whipped by the thug trying to steal their gear.

But, Roanoke is a long way from San Francisco. It's a medium size market and there is no one that would have thought that Alison and Adam would have needed a security detail for a live shot at the Bridgewater Plaza.

But, the world in which we now live, the easy access to guns and many people's hatred of the media, security with news crews could be the new normal. 

There are not many pictures of Adam Ward on the Internet. He was the guy behind the camera, not it front. But each picture FTVLive found of Adam, he was wearing some type of Virginia Tech shirt. 

It is easily apparent that Ward was a Hokies fan. 

Alison Parker is one of the few people that interned at a station and then later returned to the same station as a Reporter. 

Parker and Ward were like most morning news crews. They got along like brother and sister and often complained about how little sleep they got the night before.

But, they loved having fun and loved the job (by the way, that's Adam on the left). 

No one would have expected when they were sent out on a same, old same old live shot this morning, that they would not be coming back. 

Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of both.

As for stations, maybe it is time to look at security measures for your staff. No way that it should have come to this, but if it can happen in Roanoke, it can happen anywhere.