NAHJ Condemns Donald Trump for Kicking Out Reporter

At another Trump circus conference yesterday, Univision Journalist Jorge Ramos was escorted out after trying to ask Trump questions.

Here's the video of Ramos being booted.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists condemned Trump for his actions. “Mr. Ramos was doing what journalists have done for decades – asking questions!,” said Mekahlo Medina, NAHJ President. “Ramos was simply trying to hold a candidate for president accountable for statements he made about a very important topic to the American people. Mr. Trump has avoided Mr. Ramos’ attempts for an interview to reasonably discuss Mr. Trump’s opinions and ideas about immigration and American children born to undocumented immigrants.”

Ramos was allowed back into the news conference after several other reporters questioned Trump on why Ramos was ejected. Ramos was then allowed to ask questions. 

The HAHJ also adds that Trump’s recent attacks on FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly are unacceptable and disturbing.