DC Station Ups Freelance Sports Reporter to Full Time

While WTTG appears to be pulling back on their sports coverage, WRC is beefing up their sports team.

Carol Maloney who has been freelancing at WRC for the past 3 years has inked a full time deal with the station.

Bringing Maloney on full time continues WRC’s tradition of staffing its own sports department with multiple reporters, even as some other NBC affiliate stations have turned to regional Comcast networks for their sports report.

Maloney will join Jason Pugh as full-time sports anchor/reporters for the station, while WTOP’s Dave Johnson and others will continue to contribute to the station.

“We’re as committed to sports as we’ve ever been,” Mike Goldrick, WRC’s news director, said in an interview. “We still believe that our viewers are looking to us for sports, and so that’s why we’re going to maintain our strength with our team. That’s why we’ve got Carol, and that’s why we’ve got Jason. We want to have some high-profile folks. Carol’s been in the market for a long time; we think people know her, we think people like her, and I think it’s a strong move for us.”

H/T Washington Post