New Name, Same Crap

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you (by months) that WOIO in Cleveland was going to change their branding from 'Action News' to 'Cleveland 19 News'.

The station made the name change yesterday and the ratings were up by over 70% over the old name.

OK...maybe not. 

So why did the station change their station brand?

“Cleveland 19 News is committed to becoming the most relevant and accurate newscast on local television and on digital and social platforms,” says news director Fred D’Ambrosi. “Our core belief goes well beyond just headlines. We will listen to what our viewers need and we will deliver content that will help make their lives better. It will take hard work to earn their trust but with experienced journalists like Romona Robinson, Mark Nolan, Denise Dufala, and Carl Monday, plus the rest of the Cleveland 19 News team that we are building, we are more than up to the task.”

Really?! Who talks like that in a real conversation?