Leaving TV News for History

WWNY (Watertown, NY) Photojournalist  Diana Page Jordan leaving TV news to become the Jefferson County Historical Society's next executive director.

“We were looking for someone with proven public relations skills and the Historical Society needed someone to restore our position as a prominent organization in the city of Watertown,” he said. “I think we can do a lot better working in the community, and I think Diana is the kind of person that can help accomplish that.”

It looks like she will not have to deal with big crowds in her new job. The museum averaged only one visitor a day during January, February and March of 2013.

“It’s a challenging and thrilling opportunity,” she said. “What excites me about this is that it’s a chance to bring the museum out into the light,” Jordan said. 

Before she joined WWNY-TV in February 2014, Ms. Jordan worked as a producer, anchor and reporter for several radio stations in Los Angeles, New York City, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Portland, Ore.

Ms. Jordan said history has always been an interest of hers. By using tools such as social media, she said, she hopes to draw the interest of the community, both young and old.

“Today’s news is tomorrow’s history,” she said. “To be able to create a better history for our people is a tremendously wonderful duty to take on. We can use all the current media to get kids and parents into the museum.”

Hell, if she can get just two people to come to the museum this winter, she will have doubled the audience. 

H/T Watertown Daily Times