Sucking Up to Martha Sugalski

The Orlando Sentinel TV Critic Hal Boedeker writes yet another piece on Anchor Martha Sugalski. 

Sugalski is the longtime WESH Anchor that defected to WFTV. She had to sit out a year non-compete and finally hits the air tonight on WFTV.

The Orlando Sentinel and Boedeker have appeared to give more coverage to an Anchor that has been off air, then to the ones that are on air. 

In his latest story, Boedeker writes about how viewers either love or hate Martha Sugalski.

Boedeker writes, "A reader blasted our coverage: "I would really like to know the back story behind all the coverage the Sentinel has bestowed on Martha Sugalski. Her maternity leave and new job have been followed closer than a Kardashian. Is she in tight with someone at the Sentinel? Does she have an expert publicist? Why is the Sentinel obsessed with making her a celebrity?"

Boedeker the writes, "Sugalski needs no publicist; she is an expert publicist, as she demonstrates every day in social media.

I wrote an assigned story about her year off the air to help launch Orlando Signature magazine. I wrote another story about her social media skills earlier this month to explain why WFTV would want her.

If she ever decides to leave TV news, she could give seminars on personal branding."

The TV Critic sure seems to gush about the Anchor.

Here is Boedeker in the black shirt, sitting on the step holding the baby next to Sugalski. 

When one of her kids is bouncing on "Uncle Hal's" lap and posing for pictures, it appears that the journalism line was been crossed and wiped out. 

Yes, Martha Sugalski has done a good job growing her brand, but it doesn't hurt, when you have the local TV Critic in the palm of your hand.

Just saying.... 

Note: An earlier version of this story said that Boedecker was at Sugalski's kids birthday party. Her agent said that he was not there. We have corrected the story.