Warrant Issued for Norfolk Reporter

Former Norfolk mayoral candidate Michael Muhammad, whose driver was shot in the head Aug. 10, said he has filed a criminal complaint against WTKR Reporter Margaret Kavanagh alleging harassing phone calls.

A warrant for Kavanagh appeared on a city list of outstanding warrants Thursday.

In a news conference Thursday, Muhammad said Kavanagh harassed him and his family.

WTKR News Director Tina Luque said the station supports Kavanagh.

"Margaret Kavanagh is a very competent journalist," Luque wrote in an email. "Sometimes, journalists have to ask tough questions. WTKR supports Margaret and her pursuit of the story."

Police have been searching for Kevon Danarus Whitehurst, 22, and Isaiah Walter Wilson, 50, both wanted on warrants for malicious wounding. Neither has been arrested. Police have said the men are armed and dangerous.

The driver remains in a hospital.

Kavanagh interviewed Whitehurst on Tuesday. He told WTKR that he shot in self-defense.

At the news conference, Muhammad also criticized police for not finding the two men.

"We have no confidence in the Police Department, and we have no confidence in the media, so we will protect ourselves," Muhammad said.

He declined to say what means he would use to protect his family.

In the WTKR interview, Whitehurst admitted he had fired at Muhammad's car. He said Muhammad and another man in the car had guns.

"He rolled down his window and started shooting, and then you speak about gun violence, but you're out here shooting pistols. That doesn't make no sense," Whitehurst told WTKR.

When asked to address the allegation that someone in his car the day of the shooting had a gun, Muhammad told reporters, "You go address that with the Norfolk Police.... The Norfolk Police have not identified me as a suspect nor have they identified anyone in my vehicle as a suspect in any crime."

H/T The Virginian-Pilot