That Was Quick

WISN in Milwaukee announced a few weeks ago that Chase Cain was the new morning Anchor replacing Patrick Paolantonio and along side Melinda Davenport.

And he was just that....for a little while. 

But then Cain went M-I_A and the station isn't talking.

WISN News Director Chris Gegg confirms Caine is no longer at the station, saying only, “Chase Cain is no longer a member of the WISN 12 News Team.  We wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Cain is not responding to questions as to what happened? 

Any mention of Cain on WISN's website has been scrubbed away. 

So how does an Anchor come on the air for 4 weeks, is suddenly gone and the station won't say anything.

Because folks, this is TV news where they want to know all about the Mayor and why he fired a certain staffer, but grows suddenly silent when the news is about them.

Damn Hypocrites!