Where Was Ed?

Did MSNBC's Ed Schultz have a hissy fit that caused him to miss his last show.

MSNBC announced that they were pulling the plug on Schultz's 'The Ed Show" along with 'The Cycle' and Alex Wagner's show.

Wagner hosted her last show and even had a few laughs at the show's conclusion.

Schultz was nowhere to be found and Michael Eric Dyson guest-hosted the last show from Miami.

MSNBC claims that Schultz had a “pre-existing scheduling conflict” and that was the reason he was not on the last Ed Show.

Of course if you believe that I have some prime real estate here in a swap in Florida. 

Schultz is known to be a hot head and we're betting dollars to donuts that had something to do with him being a no show on Friday.

Just saying....