Memphis Station's Jump the Gun on Releasing Slain Officer's Name

A Memphis Police officer was shot multiple times on Saturday night and later died from his injuries. 

A number of Memphis TV stations reported the officer's name before his family could be notified. The Police Director held a very late night presser on Saturday night to say the family has not yet been notified and they are not releasing the name.

This was after Memphis stations had reported the name. Cox-owned WHBQ was the first to break the name Saturday night, turning up the pressure on other stations to report the name before official confirmation.

Some commenters say the family even learned of the death from watching WHBQ.

Stations then started backtracking and scrubbing the officers name from their stories until it was finally released early Sunday morning. 

WMC posted an apology online, WREG blamed a "miscommunication" and WHBQ has stayed quiet.