Like Two Peas in a Pod

This past weekend, Seattle held it's annual Hempfest.

This was the events 24 year of throwing a festival geared towards stoners. The big stars at this year's hempfest were a couple of former TV newsies.

Cyd Maurer, the former KEZI who was fired from the station after testing positive for pot and  Charlo Greene, the Anchorage, Alaska, anchor that famously quit live on the air by, saying, "Fuck it, I quit."

The group that put of the festival says that, "We have to follow the lead of many people, like Charlo and Cyd, that have come out of the cannabis closet. The more that everyday Americans see talented, articulate people shattering stoner stereotypes, the closer we get to true freedom and equality and defeat cannabigotry once and for all." know what....never mind.