Fox and Trump's "Cold War"

CNN's Brian Trump....errrrrrr....Stelter covered his two major obsessions on his ironically named show 'Reliable Sources" this past weekend. 

Stelter's obsessions? Donald Trump and Fox News.

Check out his Twitter feed and you can bet your bottom dollar that most tweets will mention Trump or Fox News.

Stelter  says that Trump and Fox News are locked in a "Cold War" with each other. Trump says that Stelter's story about his phone call with Ailes was "completely inaccurate."

Stelter claims that that Ailes told Trump, we "can resolve this now," "or we can go to war." 

Trump says that is not true and that is not what Ailes said.

"He couldn't be nicer," Trump said of Ailes phone call.

So someone is not telling the truth, Fox News, Donald Trump or Brian Stelter.

Anyone want to take a guess?