Putting Words in Mayor's Mouth

WPVI in Philly claims that the mayor of Colwyn, Delaware County called one of the female council members a "bitch."

The station says that "Mayor Michael Blue said, "Let me tell you something b****...""

But, WCAU says that WPVI is lying about what the mayor said. WCAU writes on their website, "Another local media outlet reported Mayor Michael Blue hurled that obscenity at Councilwoman Patricia Williams Thursday night when the two got into a heated public argument over the firing of Colwyn's city manager Paula Brown and how to handle that position moving forward."

The councilwoman that was supposedly being called "bitch", Patricia Williams also agrees Blue did not use that obscenity when addressing her and says she has her own recording of the meeting.

So why did WPVI say that he did? 

Maybe because it makes it a much more juicy story when you make up your own facts.

Here is how WPVI reported it:

And here is the video without the "beep" from WCAU:

Like we say, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.