Longtime Austin Anchor Signing Off

Longtime KVUE Anchor Jim Bergamo will retire from the TV news business next week, wrapping up a 36-year broadcast career.

His final day on the air will be Aug. 21. The following week, he’ll start a new job with the Pulte Group, working as a sales consultant in Georgetown’s Sun City development.

“I’m eagerly looking forward to the next chapter,” Bergamo said. “I’m very happy with what I’ve been able to do over the years and I’m very blessed to have KVUE be the last stop in my run.”

One of his quotes about leaving TV news says a lot about the business now-a-days. 

“But a lot of businesses are changing – not just broadcast news – and I feel like this is no longer a business for a guy like me. I feel like it’s time to go in a different direction.”

Amen Brother!

H/T Austin 360