Sanjay Gupta: I'm Liberal, but not as Much as the Rest of the People at CNN

When it comes to cable news, Fox News is thought to be on the hard right, MSNBC on the hard left and CNN would like you to believe they are right down the middle. 

In an interview with Playboy Magazine, Dr. Sanjay Gupta admits that he's a liberal, but not as much as his co-workers at CNN.

Playboy: You worked as a White House fellow in the office of first lady Hillary Clinton. Does that tell us everything we need to know about your politics?

Gupta: I’m a pretty liberal guy. Being journalists, we work our whole careers predicated on freedom of speech. I value humanitarian causes that are liberal, so I probably lean more liberal, though not as liberal as all my colleagues within CNN.

More ammo for the Conservatives to attack CNN with. 

H/T CNN Commentary