Report: Networks Want to Hire Megyn Kelly Away from Fox News

If you believe The Daily Mail, both NBC and CNN want to steal Megyn Kelly away from Fox News.

The tabloid says that if anyone won the first Republican presidential debate on Thursday night, it was Fox News co-moderator Megyn Kelly, top rival news executives told the Daily Mail.

They report that top execs from NBC to CNN now plotting about how to bid to lure her away from Fox.

'Because of her commanding presence at the debate, Megyn's the hottest property in TV News for now and into the future,' revealed a news executive for one of the three networks who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak. 

'We would pay her twice what Fox is paying her to get her on board. She is a star and can easily be the next Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer of TV news, but with a sharper edge, more hard-hitting, and supremely gorgeous.'

Another network news executive, a powerful female, who watched the debate on rival Fox network told Daily Mail Online, 'An authoritative voice was born last week, and it wasn't emanating from one of the guys vying for the GOP nomination. 

'It was from Megyn Kelly. Of everyone running the political show, she had the most commanding voice and presence, and really hit Donald Trump where it hurts. It was clear he was dumbfounded and shocked when she threw him that hardball question about all the negative things he has said about women over the years. 

'It's clear Ms. Kelly was the star of the evening, and my news division would kill in a New York minute to have her anchoring the evening news and doing special reports. She's worth many millions a year.'

A rival cable news executive told Daily Mail Online: 'Megyn Kelly was definitely the star of the evening, and added a laser-sharp edge to what was a fairly tedious first debate. 

'With her question about how Donald Trump has said mean-spirited words about women, such as Rosie O'Donnell, I was waiting for her to tell him "you're fired!"

'She out-Donalded Donald! We'd hire her in a second to be on our air. She's the IT girl of TV news. No doubt about it.'

Stay tuned....