CBS Anchor: It's Time to Move On from Trump/Kelly

CBS's Face the Nation host John Dickerson met with the Television Critics Association on Monday and said exactly what many of you are thinking.

It's time to move one from the Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly crap (he didn't say "crap" by the way).

"This was already an exciting election before the summer of Trump," Dickerson said. 

Trump has got all the headlines since the first GOP debate and his post-debate whining about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s tough questioning on him. But, Dickerson thinks enough is enough. 

Asked if it is time to move on, Dickerson said: "We should move on for sure."

Dickerson added that he thought the questions from Kelly and her Fox News colleagues Bret Baier and Chris Wallace were "good, tough questions." But, he did hint that they could have asked better questions.

 Dickerson said that it is a challenge to resist the temptation to run toward the easy headlines rather than the substantive analysis of the issues: "The tension is front of mind all the time. How much are we covering what has just become a spectacle and how much are we reporting on a piece of news? That’s just a balance that we have to keep our eye on minute by minute.”

But the atmosphere had made that harder as candidates have become hyper cautious in the face of the relentless media spotlight (the candidates are tracked by cell phone camera-toting members of the opposition looking for gaffs).

"We don’t allow candidates to have mistakes or flubs, the minute they do, everybody eggs the same house," said Dickerson.

H/T Hollywood Reporter