It was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

Tell me if you have heard this one before?

Keith Olbermann is leaving ESPN.

This is the second (or maybe third) time that Olbermann has left the sports network. Add that to his flame outs at MSNBC and others and you really can't be surprised, can you?

But, you have to give Olbermann credit this time. For the most part he kept his head down and did his job. There were no reports of huge blow ups. 

Oh sure, he was suspended a time or two, but all in all he was much better.

7 days ago, FTVLive told you that EPSN was looking to put an end to Olbermann's commentaries. The network got scared when Olby took on the untouchable NFL and wanted to make sure that Olbermann did not bash them again.

Obviously, that did not go over well with the giant ego Anchor and ESPN decided to pull the plug.

But, unlike the other times he left a network, ESPN had some nice things to say about Olbermann as they pushed him out the door. 

"Keith is a tremendous talent who has consistently done timely, entertaining and thought-provoking work since returning to ESPN," the network said in a statement. "While the show’s content was distinctive and extremely high quality, we ultimately made a business decision to move in another direction. We wish Keith nothing but the best and trust that his skill and ability will lead him to another promising endeavor.”

Could he now be headed back to MSNBC?

Stay tuned....