One for the Record Books

June goes down as the biggest and best month ever for traffic to

This site set another all time record last month in both page views and visitors to the site. In fact the month was so good that we were not even halfway through it before we broke the record for page views.

Of course, we have to thank all of you for spreading the word of FTVLive to your friends, family and co-workers. 

And without the best sponsors in the world, none of this would be possible. FTVLive has aligned ourselves with the best companies in and around the TV business. We have told you in the past that we have turned down advertising dollars from companies that we don't believe in or think that you should use.

Not many websites out there will do something like that. Many will take the money and run, but we have held true to only having the best of the best place an ad on this website.

We thank those people and we thank you for making June our best month ever.