Huntsville Reporter Foils Robbery

Sometimes you cover the news and other times you make it.

WAFF (Huntsville) Reporter Vincent Crivelli thwarted a robbery late last week. 

Police say that Crivelli stopped an attempted robbery in a Kroger parking lot. 

Huntsville Police said Misty Suwarow, a Kroger manager, was walking to her car when Leonard Grey approached her and asked for money. Suwarow, who was in her car, refused and Grey opened the door and jumped on top of her.

Crivelli was at the store to buy strawberries and apples after work when he heard a honking car horn and a woman screaming. He thought it was a domestic dispute until he got closer.

"It didn't look like it was a domestic dispute," Crivelli said. "It looked like it was much more, and she was screaming for help."

Crivelli said he pulled Grey out of the car by putting him into a headlock and held him down until the police arrived approximately 10 minutes later.

When the police pulled up, Crivelli said, Grey reached for something in his pocket.

"For the first time in the whole incident, I was scared," Crivelli said. "'He's got a knife. He's got a knife,' That's what I was thinking."

Grey pulled out something from his pocket, but that's when police intervened and arrested Grey, Crivelli said.

Police at the scene told Crivelli the item was a crack pipe.

While Crivelli was holding Grey someone recognized him asked him if he was on television.

"Yeah, Channel 48 News, we investigate," Crivelli said in reply.

Crivelli said he does not think he deserves any recognition.

But you know, he talked to the local paper anyway and his station did a story on him. Which we doubt either would have done for a simple robbery attempt.

Just saying....