CNN Assignment Editor Has Gone Twitter Silent

One June 27th, CNN reported the exclusive story that an Isis flag was spotted at a London Gay Pride Parade.

The flag was covered in dildos and was not an ISIS flag at all. 

The story, that was not a story was broken by CNN International Assignment Editor Lucy Pawle.

It was one of the most embarrassing moments (but by far not the only one) for the Jeff Zucker regime at CNN.

Pawle went on Twitter the day of this embarrassment and tried to deny that she even reported the story. Unfortunately, in a world full of DVR's, that didn't work out very well. 

Last week, Jeff Zucker held a town hall meeting with the staff at CNN and was asked why the network never apologized  for the embarrassing mistake?

The CNN boss did admit that the dildo flag was an embarrassment to the network but insisted that there was nothing to merit an apology.


Your network gets a story DEAD WRONG and you don't believe there is any reason to correct it or apologize? 

As for Pawle, she has not posted a single tweet since that fateful dildo day.

Guess she is also taking the Jeff Zucker approach of not admitting to the mistake.