Something's Wrong Here

Cable news stations have been running the video of Sandra Bland's traffic stop over and over again. 

But there is something fishy going on with the video that was released the Texas Department of Public Safety.

TDPS claims that the video is raw and not edited. But watch the clip below of the tow truck driver getting out of his truck and moving toward the police car. Then all of the sudden the tow truck driver is back by his truck and doing the exact same walk back towards the police car. 

The audio appears to continue with no interruptions, but clearly the video has a major jump cut.

The Texas Department of Public Safety told Texas Tribune that the video was “not edited,” but that some of the video was “affected in the upload and is being addressed.”

How did uploading the video change the video but not the audio?

Hello conspiracy!

Here's the video of what we are talking about: