Robert Redford to Play Dan Rather in Movie About Rather's Firing

Dan Rather is heading to the big screen.

Well Robert Redford as Dan Rather is. 

Redford will play Rather in the upcoming movie, "Truth" which will detail how Rather lost his Anchor job. 

In 2004, Rather reported that President George W. Bush’s powerful father arranged to keep his son in the National Guard to prevent serving in Vietnam. The report caused such hoo-hah that a treasured 24-year anchorman lost his job.

Rather: “I’ve read the script. It’s serious. People behind it do a good job. It’s two great actors. You couldn’t want for a better cast. Redford playing me makes me feel humble — which is not a word usually associated with anchors.

“The nuanced, not preachy, script makes clear our report was true. Facts can’t be denied. But today it’s more about big corporations having big power than about truth. Bush was up for re-election. Sumner Redstone wanted him re-elected and would have his news division do what he wanted. What develops is the habit of pulling back, working from fear.

“Media, consolidation under large international corporations, take control of news entities. News gets done to their benefit. Lobbyists constantly work with big government. Legislation, regulation, corporations need many things out of DC.

“Our newsroom was a team. With pride in Edward R. Murrow’s network, we all stuck together. We had a sense of camaraderie. I believe in CBS News through and through. When it happened, I just didn’t respond quickly enough and smart enough.”

 Cate Blanchett plays his CBS producer Mary Mapes.

The movie is coming in October. 

H/T Page Six