NBC to Lend a Hand to Help Animals

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Anyone that knows FTVLive, knows that I am a HUGE animal love (it's people that I hate), so big props to NBC and their O&O's "Clear the Shelters” Day.

 The goal for the NBC-owned stations to help get cats and dogs waiting for new homes successfully adopted. 

Clear the Shelters day is set for August 15th and the ultimate goal of the event is to help as many animals as possible find their perfect match.

NBC says that surprisingly, only about 20 percent of people adopting a pet choose a shelter animal. No shelter wants to see any animals caged. Finding these pets quality homes is even more critical during the summer after the populations at shelters swell due to abandoned and surrendered pets following spring births.

Back in January, FTVLive headed to the local shelter here to find Rory (pictured), our Vice President of Cuteness. 

Even if you live in a market without an NBC O&O, or you don't work for an NBC station, we urge you to go adopt a pet at your local shelter. 

Like I have said before, one dog or cat can't change the world, but you can change the world of that one dog or cat.

Adopt a pet and congrats to NBC for trying to make a difference.